Our family was once spread across the country. 

Now we're reunited in the Rogue Valley.  We grew up cooking and eating together.  Being good at both, a business based around food was really not much of a stretch.  So, we took on the inspiring challenge of uniting tastes in amazing products, both savory and sweet, filled with the bounty of the place

we can all now call home. 

Our mother Barbara is the center of our culinary soul. 
She has instilled in us all the joy of good food and the pleasure of the shared table.  Dad is the chief bottle washer and comedian.  Ryan is an organic farmer whose harvest we intend to embrace into our summer selections.  Kristin teaches children and assists with the creative side of business.  Rob is our kitchen manager.  His wife Karli offers moral support and is busy raising the newest addition to the family. 

We all come together as a family in our own ways, stirring, measuring, tasting, so that, in the end, we give you a product worthy
of our family and yours. 

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