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Mango Apricot and Habanero Glaze

Mango Apricot and Habanero Glaze

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Size: 12 ounce.
Ingredients: mango, apricot, apple cider vinegar, wine, honey, yellow bell peppers, onions, habanero, xanthum gum, salt & spices.

Treat your taste buds to a tropical fiesta with our Mango Apricot and Habanero Glaze! Carefully crafted in small batches, this tantalizing blend of mango, apricot, habanero, yellow bell peppers, onions, honey and lime makes for a slow burn that doesn't over power. Its the flavor-packed pièce de résistance!

This tropical sauce is a perfect topping for pork or fish tacos. It's great for dipping chicken wings, fries & onion rings. Mix with a little olive oil for a spicy salad dressing.

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