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Rose Rosemary Finishing Salt

Rose Rosemary Finishing Salt

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Size: 4 ounce gusseted bag. Handmade Salts & Seasonings
Ingredients: sea salt, rosé, rosemary & orange zest.

Treat your dishes to an extra special something with a sprinkle of Rose Rosemary Finishing Salt! Our small-batch blend of rose wine, rosemary, and delicate fruity notes will delight your guests and tantalize their taste buds. Dine in extravaganza with this unique flavor combination that you won't get anywhere else! So go ahead, show off your culinary prowess with a pinch of Rose Rosemary salt-- you won't be sorry!!!

Sprinkle over pork loin, focaccia, tomato soup, baked garlic, cucumber salad, pizza or roasted potatoes

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